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Should lifestyle advice be a part of optometry? | Jon V.B. Gjelle

In our survey among 267 optometrists, we got some interesting outcomes. Only 9% of the optometrists surveyed answered that they routinely ask their patients about their smoking habits - while you can make a real difference in the behaviour of your patients. Optometrist Jon Gjelle dives into the results.

Tick bite on lower eyelid

Five facts about how tick bites can impact the eye | Svein Tindlund

Summer is coming, and so are the ticks! I found this nasty little one on my 6-year-old son's lower eyelid recently. It made me think of writing this article, with five facts about how tick bites can impact the eye.

Clinical quality: Are there differences between optometrists in Northern Europe?

What are the outcomes when more than 800 optometrists from the Nordics and the Netherlands answer a professional quiz of 15 cases? Is the level of competence within clinical judgement and decision-making different between the nations?