Viewpoint Clinical Conference

Clinical Conference 2022

5 & 6 October 2022


The biggest eye care conference in Northern Europe

For almost ten years, we host our annual Clinical Conference for all optometrists, ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals – both from Specsavers and other organisations. All with two things in common: a curious mind and a desire to learn and further improve the eye care they provide to their patients.

Clinical Conference is now the largest eye care event in Northern Europe. It’s free and open to all – and you’ll get your accreditation (CET) points when you join!

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Why attend?

What about the more than 25 speakers and our extensive and inspiring programme? Reason enough to join – we’d say. But if you like, here’s the three main reasons to attend Clinical Conference:

  • Get practical knowledge to improve the eye care you provide to your patients
  • Completely free - no hidden costs
  • Accreditation (CET) points for optometrists from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands
  • Easy online access, but also the opportunity to attend one of our watch parties to network and watch the conference together with colleagues and peers.

Who's on the programme?

Ayoe Blohm Niels Crama Penny-Lane Levine Rune Brautaset Lars Røssel Ødegaard Marko Lukic Jon V.B. Gjelle Elena García Rubio Amanda Ljunggren Lyndon Jones Pauline Schenk Anne Norvik Jervel Philip Morgan Mark Bullimore Heidi Buchholt Elisabeth Egeberg Erik Ryderberg Daddi Fadel Arthur Cummings Danson V. Muttuvelu Matti Seppänen Pelsin Demir Svein Tindlund Eef van der Worp Sarah Morgan Arjeta Beqiri Amanda Cardwell Carones Matt Roney Ian Cameron