Attendees in an audience listening to a speaker at one of the predecessors of Clinical Conference 2023: the eye care professionals conference.

About Clinical Conference

The biggest eye care conference in Northern Europe

We believe that knowledge sharing and continuous education are the keys to elevating the optometry profession in Northern Europe and beyond.

That’s why we organise our yearly Clinical Conference: the biggest eye care conference in Northern Europe. The conference brings together diverse and inspiring topics from leading industry experts, all presented to eye care professionals from Specsavers and other companies.

Our focus is always on practical learning and developing our clinical skills in delivering refractive and eye healthcare. We also dive into the future of eye care, exploring new ways to position optometrists as healthcare providers.

Since our first conference in Norway in 2009, we have grown exponentially. In 2013, we organised Clinical Conference in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland – and added the Netherlands to the list in 2016.

Our events have always attracted students, optometrists, ophthalmologists, and professionals from various disciplines, all united by their curiosity and desire to constantly upskill and improve patient care.

Now, almost fifteen years later, Clinical Conference is the largest eye care professionals conference in Northern Europe.

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