Viewpoint Clinical Conference
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About Clinical Conference

The biggest eye care conference in Northern Europe

Since 2013, our annual Clinical Conference has attracted a growing audience of optometrists, ophthalmologists and professionals from different disciplines in eye care – both from Specsavers and other organisations. All united by their curiosity and desire to upskill in relevant clinical practice.

We believe in the power of knowledge sharing and continuous education to improve our collective skills and to raise the level of the optical profession.

Now, almost ten years later, we host the largest eye care event in Northern Europe for all eye care professionals. It’s free, open to all – and this year, we’ll host the conference online but also organise live watch parties in all countries.

Theme: How to deliver quality care - now and in the future?

Like last year, we’ll focus on the present this year. To learn new insights about high-quality optometry today, that you can put into practice the next day. To dive deeper into clinical cases that are common practice and to polish up your knowledge on cases that you don’t see that often in your store or clinic. Of course, we’ll also check out what’s on the horizon and - more importantly - how we can use all those new things to our benefit. What’s the future of eye care, and how we can position ourselves as healthcare providers?

This year’s Clinical Conference will again bring you diverse topics from industry experts to answer that one question: how do you deliver quality care and stay relevant today, tomorrow and in the years to come?

A few highlights from Clinical Conference throughout the years