Ayoe Blohm

Optometrist and chairperson of the Danish Association of Optometry

Since 1994, Ayoe Blohm has been an authorised optometrist and contact lenses specialist. Ten years later, she became part of Buus Optik in Roskilde, Denmark, and has run the clinic ever since, together with her business partner. Her main specialisms are speciality contact lenses, Ortho-K night lenses, as well as multifocal lenses. Besides her work at the optometry clinic, Ayoe works as a professional consultant, is a regular speaker at various conferences, and the chairperson of the Danish Association of Optometry since 2019.

On the programme
Ayoe will give a case presentation on presbyopic and toric lenses on Wednesday 5 October. A practical and case-based masterclass on overcoming the usual challenges of fitting those contact lenses, with a focus on patient communication. | Go to the programme

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