Elena García Rubio

Director of the Instituto Nacional de Optometría (INOP) in Madrid, Spain

Elena García Rubio attended her first congress of optometry and contact lenses at 16 – and discovered her future. She graduated from Optometry School in Madrid in 1994 and completed a master’s degree in Optometry, Contact Lenses and Vision Therapy at the Centro de Optometría Internacional in Madrid the year after. After that, she went to the US, completed her optometry education in summer courses at the Pacific University in Oregon, and worked in optometric clinics in San Diego and Los Angeles. To finalise the list of studies, she completed her master’s degree in Visual Rehabilitation at the University of Valladolid, Spain, in 2020.

Since the 90s, Elena has played a crucial role in the industry in Spain and Europe. She was one of the founders of Opening Eyes Spain, a subsidiary of the Health Programme of Special Olympics, a non-profit programme that offers visual health care for people with special intellectual needs. Since 2005, she’s the Director of the Instituto Nacional de Optometría (INOP) in Madrid. During her years in the industry, she has specialised in pediatric optometry, pediatric contact lenses and myopia control. She has worked on myopia control with Ortho-k since 1996 and with soft contact lenses since 2013.

Also, Elena advises several contact lens manufactures in the innovation of products and collaborates in education programmes for optometrists on managing myopia and how to communicate with parents and children. She’s committed to creating social awareness of the importance of managing myopia evolution in children and is an ambassador of the International Myopia Institute.

On the programme
With her extensive knowledge of myopia, Elena will be one of the panellists in the panel discussion about myopia management on Wednesday 5 October. In the session, she and the other experts will talk about the Nordic and global prevalence of myopia and delve into treatment options and how to track their effectiveness. | Go to the programme

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