Eva Sturk Franzén

Optometrist, MSc

Eva Sturk Franzén obtained her bachelor’s degree in optometry in 2006 and her master’s degree in 2022, both from Karolinska Institutet. Besides her clinical work, she has been a store manager for a couple of years at an optical chain in Sweden.

Today, Eva works as a clinical supervisor at Karolinska Institutet, where she works with course development and teaching. Eva is passionate about high-quality care and is driven by curiosity and constantly striving forward.

On the programme
Eva will give a talk on clinical assessment for clinical assistants. She’ll also be part of a panel discussing how to keep up now the optometry profession is changing (in Swedish). This panel also consists of Karim Makdoumi, Tony Pansell, Rune Brautaset, Oskar Johansson, and Erik Ryderberg. You can read more on the programme page.