Jon V.B. Gjelle

Optometrist, MSc

Jon V.B. Gjelle is an optometrist at heart, specialised in general practice optometry, with a keen interest for ocular biometry and refractive development, visual field testing, evidence-based practice, healthcare communication combined with his love for technology.

Jon had an early first meet with Specsavers, as he practised as an Optometrist in 2014 before he worked with teaching and research in Norway from 2015-2018. After he returned to Specsavers, passionate to work with professional learning and development. He quickly became Professional L&D Manager, and after 2 years he moved up the latter to become Clinical Talent Manager. As Clinical Talent Manager, he gets to live out his passion for lecturing and creating the space for people to share practical knowledge and experience.

On the programme
Jon will be the moderator of various masterclasses this year: Use of OCT for the posterior and anterior eye by Marko Lukic and Three cases with multimodal imagery by Arjeta Beqiri on 5 October, and Vascular changes and the eye by Niels Crama on 6 October. | Go to the programme.

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