Karthikeyan Baskaran

Senior Lecturer at Linnaeus University

Dr Karthikeyan Baskaran obtained his PhD in biomedical sciences from Linnaeus University, Sweden, in 2012. Following this, he honed his expertise during a postdoctoral fellowship at Indiana University School of Optometry in the USA. Karthikeyan was awarded the prestigious Fellowship (FAAO) from the American Academy of Optometry during the 2016 meeting held in Anaheim, California.

His research pursuits are centred around critical areas such as refractive error development, peripheral visual optics, low vision rehabilitation, and retinal imaging. Karthikeyan’s journey into the world of optometry began with a bachelor’s degree from the esteemed Elite School of Optometry in Chennai, India, in 2004. Over the years, he has showcased his expertise as an invited speaker at various international conferences and has contributed significantly to the optometry literature through numerous peer-reviewed publications in renowned journals.

Currently, Karthikeyan holds the position of Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine and Optometry at Linnaeus University Kalmar, Sweden. His commitment to education is evident through his involvement in teaching undergraduate and master’s optometry programs. Notably, he takes charge of several pivotal courses, including pediatric optometry, specialised contact lens fitting, research methodology in optometry and vision science, as well as optometric rehabilitation.

On the programme
Karthikeyan will give a masterclass on myopia control, which provides a foundational understanding of myopia development, examination techniques, and practical treatment approaches (in English). You can read more on the programme page.