Lars Røssel Ødegaard

General practitioner at Åros Legesenter AS

Lars Røssel Ødegaard is a general practitioner at Åros Legesenter AS in Norway with speciality in primary care. Next to Åros, he manages a medical office 40 minutes from central Oslo, together with his two colleagues. Over recent years, they have started to digitalise their practice using video, secure written consultations and messages, and automatic booking for appointments online. Lars is especially fond of how drop-in video consultations have made general practitioners more accessible and available in a much more comfortable and hassle-free way for patients.

On the programme
You can see Lars in the opening panel debate on Thursday 6 October, about WHO’s aim for good vision for all. He’ll also join the session on preventive care in optometry on the same day, and talk about how to communicate accidental findings and establish screening programmes with health authorities. | Go to the programme

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