Linda Bladh


Linda Bladh graduated as an optometrist from Karolinska Institutet in 1996 and is currently studying Diagnostic Optometry at the same university.

Early on, she found out that helping patients to a better everyday life through good vision is something she enjoys, as well as assisting colleagues to grow in a clinical setting. This combination has brought her into different roles within the optical field.

Now, Linda is a Clinical Project Talent Manager at Specsavers in Sweden. And even though she doesn’t meet patients that often anymore, she enjoys helping optometrists to grow further in their profession. She has also trained numerous clinical assistants and has been a part of implementing new groundbreaking methods of performing sight tests in Sweden.

On the programme
Linda will host a session for clinical assistants on effectively gathering information from your patients during anamnesis and clinical communication (in Swedish). You can read more on the programme page.