Lyndon Jones

Director of the Centre for Ocular Research & Education at Waterloo University, Canada

Lyndon Jones holds an impressive resumé in the world of optometry. His publications count over 400 professional papers and a textbook. He has given over 1000 lectures worldwide and obtained funding for over $75 million. All while keeping up his day job as a professor at the school of optometry and vision science at Waterloo University in Ontario, Canada.

For over 23 years, Lyndon has been the university’s director for ocular research and education. He examines the interaction of novel and existing contact lens materials with the ocular environment, dry eye, and the development of new materials for ocular drug delivery. He has specialised knowledge in the field of clinical trial design, contact lens performance, ocular biomaterials, contact lens solutions, and tear film.

Originally, he graduated in optometry at the University of Wales back in 1985. He later went on to get a PhD in chemical engineering in 1998. His technical skills in eye care have brought him no less than three higher clinical awards and a number of fellowships.

On the programme
Like last year, Lyndon will be one of the key speakers of Clinical Conference – joining us from Canada. He’ll explain trends in global optometry as one of the four key speakers in the opening session on Wednesday 5 October. He’ll also share his clinical know-how on treating cataract surgery patients together with Danson V. Muttuvelu on day 2 of the conference. | Go to the programme

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