Marko Lukic

Locum Consultant Ophthalmologist, affiliated with Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

Dr Marko Lukic, FEBO, works as a consultant ophthalmologist specialised in retina and uveitis, affiliated with Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, where he serves as a consultant in virtual clinics. He’s based in Zagreb, Croatia, where he started his journey towards becoming a renounced European MD specialist in ophthalmology at the University of Zagreb.

As a consultant, Marko leads ophthalmology teams (nurses, technicians, photographers, residents/fellows) in general medical retina, diabetic retinopathy, intravitreal injections and retina laser clinics. On a weekly basis, he sees different retinal conditions, which vary from retinal vascular disorders, macular degeneration, inflammatory conditions, CSR, and inherited conditions.

Marko is the owner and director of the European Medical Consultants, one of the leading European companies specialising in teleophthalmology. Next to this, he lectures ophthalmology at the Medical School of Zagreb and tutors in retina modules to optometrists at the University College of London.

Marko’s research interest is real-life data in diabetic macular oedema and wet age-related macular degeneration. In addition, he’s interested in modern diagnostic technologies, virtual clinics and telemedicine, as well as the development of artificial intelligence systems in ophthalmology. He has been part of a team of experts who participated in a collaborative project between Moorfields Eye Hospital and Google’s Deep Mind to develop an artificial intelligence platform.

On the programme
We’re looking forward to welcoming Marko again at Clinical Conference. On Wednesday 5 October, Marko will host a practical session on OCT scans, which includes examples of pathology findings from his work. In the grand opening session on the same day, about the direction of international optometry, he’ll talk about the potential of new e-health tools and tech instruments. | Go to the programme

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