Minja Carrwik Gustafsson

Clinical assistant, Specsavers Stenungsund

Minja started her journey in Specsavers in March 2018 in the Stenungsund store. Before that, she worked in clothing sales. Since 2019, she has been responsible for merchandising in the store as an in-store merchandiser. In 2020, she continued her education and became an optical dispenser – to get closer to the clinical work of the store. After that, she wasn’t anywhere near done learning: in 2021, she expanded her education with a license to be able to perform driving license tests, and at the start of 2023, she passed the test for clinical assistant. Now, she works closely with optometrists with AR, Dual Lane, and Optiker on Demand (OOD).

She believes having so many options makes her work fun and varied, and she likes to help her customers in the different parts of the customer journey.

On the programme
Together with optometrist Karolin Hellerstedt, Minja will host a session for clinical assistants on their collaboration with optometrists (in Swedish). You can read more on the programme page.