Oskar Johansson

Lecturer and optometrist at Linnaeus University, MSc Biomed, BSc Optom.

Oskar Johansson graduated as an optometrist from Karolinska Institutet in 2004, and has dedicated his career to optometry and teaching. His passion for the profession emerged at university, where he also discovered his love for teaching and continuous improvement. With extensive experience in various Swedish optometry settings, from private practices to optical chains and eye clinics, Oskar brings a wealth of expertise to his roles.

Beyond clinical practice, he served as a board member for the Swedish Contact Lens Association. Since 2008, he has been a lecturer at Linnaeus University and currently serves as the programme coordinator for the undergraduate Optometry programme there. His teaching specialities lie in contact lenses and visual ergonomics. Oskar also plays a crucial role as the Swedish coordinator for the International Contact Lens Prescribing survey.

On the programme
Oskar will be part of a panel discussing how to keep up now the optometry profession is changing (in Swedish). This panel also consists of Karim MakdoumiTony PansellRune Brautaset, Eva Sturk Franzén, and Erik Ryderberg. You can read more on the programme page.