Pelsin Demir

Senior lecturer at Linnaeus University

Pelsin Demir is currently a Senior lecturer at Linnaeus University (Kalmar), Sweden, after she finalised her PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the same university. Her primary research aim was myopia, and together with her team members, she has been running the first longitudinal study done in Sweden and followed children’s development of the refractive error. Read more in an interview with Pelsin about her PhD research.

On top of her PhD research, Pelsin has been a teacher at the institution of Optometry, Linnaeus University, where she mostly supervises and examines optometry students. She’s an accomplished Optometrist with an MSc in Clinical Optometry. Pelsin has worked for a consultant company and as an optometrist consultant all over Sweden. She has been a clinical supervisor for optometry students at Karolinska Institute.

On the programme
Pelsin has established herself as a leading expert on myopia in the Nordics. She’ll share her fresh insights on myopia management and treatment in the panel discussion on myopia on Wednesday 5 October. | Go to the programme

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