Tony Pansell

Optometrist at St. Erik Eye Hospital, Associate Professor and Senior lecturer at Karolinska Institutet

Tony Pansell’s research interest is the visual function, binocular disorders and oculomotor dysfunction following acquired brain injuries. The research focuses on exploring the consequences of brain injuries on visual function and the effect of rehabilitation interventions. Eye movement analyses are the core of his research.

Clinically, Tony works in the neuro-ophthalmology department at St. Erik Eye Hospital as a neuro-optometrist, where he meets patients with acquired neurological disorders. He also meets school children with headaches on referral from school nurses for visual examination at a private clinic in Stockholm.

Tony acts as a course leader in neuro-optometry at the master’s level in optometry and lectures several courses at the bachelor’s level in optometry at Karolinska Institutet. He also teaches students in medicine and lectures for doctors in specialist training in ophthalmology, neurology, oto-neurology and general medicine.

Next to this, Tony is holding the position of research group leader at Marianne Bernadotte Center, the vice head of the Division for Eye and Vision, and vice headmaster for research education at the Department for Clinical Neuroscience.

On the programme
Tony will give a talk about diagnosing and treating common binocular findings in young patients (in Swedish). He’ll also be part of a panel discussing how to keep up now the optometry profession is changing (in Swedish). This panel also consists of Karim Makdoumi, Eva Sturk Franzén, Rune Brautaset, Oskar Johansson, and Erik Ryderberg. You can read more on the programme page.