Tor Paaske Utheim


Tor Paaske Utheim is a professor with expertise in innovation, ophthalmology, biochemistry, and computer science, holding positions at several universities including the University of Oslo and King’s College London. He serves as a consultant at six hospitals across Norway, where he also leads research and innovation initiatives. At Oslo University Hospital, Utheim heads both the Unit of Regenerative Medicine and the Unit of Research-based Innovation. He co-founded the Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic and the Institute of Eye Health in Oslo. In 2012, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Harvard Medical School and, in 2013, appointed as an Adjunct Clinical Associate.

Recognised with over twenty academic awards, including Medinnova’s Innovation Award and the Hjalmar Schiøtz Award, Utheim has been ranked among Norway’s top scientists by publication points and has supervised 44 PhD students. He frequently moderates and speaks on topics such as dry eye disease and stem cells at esteemed institutions like the Royal Society of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. Utheim represents Norway as a Global Ambassador for The Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society and is a board member of the International Ocular Surface Society.

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