About Viewpoint

As an eye care professional, you know that the eye can tell us far more than most people think. That it’s a window – not only to the health of our eyes but to our health in general. Therefore, it’s so important that everyone has access to high-quality eye care, provided by skilled and knowledgeable eye care professionals – like you.

And that’s why Viewpoint is here. It’s the platform and community for you and all other eye care professionals, to stay on top of your game and to share knowledge across the eye care industry. It’s a place to upskill, meet, discuss with your peers and explore the future of eye care.

Viewpoint offers you free access to practical handbooks, interviews, masterclasses, clinical talks, e-learning modules, and much more – all created in collaboration with industry experts. For you to use in your daily work: to build your knowledge and to become even better at what you do.

Viewpoint is facilitated by Specsavers, as part of its mission to enhance eye health.