Communication for healthcare workers

Patient communication is a skill that can be trained. Every clinician should know some basic communication skills and how to deal with the more advanced cases that require delivering bad news in the best way or handling complaints.

Dr Jon Olav Gjengstø Hunderi will take you through the basics of both oral and written communication with your patients. Jon Olav is a paediatrician responsible for a children’s department at a regional hospital in Norway and specialised in lung and allergic diseases. In his field, communication is critical as many people – the child, parents and often several clinicians – are involved in the decision-making.

This session took place live on 27 September 2023, during Clinical Conference. The QR codes in the videos only worked during the live conference. You can’t use those when watching the sessions on-demand.

Only optometrists located in Denmark, Sweden and Norway are able to achieve CET points for this session from Clinical Conference 2023. Unfortunately, we aren’t yet able to assign CET points (KP points) for the session for Dutch and Finnish optometrists. We’re working on getting the modules accredited. 

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