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How to detect keratoconus and fitting of specialty contact lenses

A fifth of all patients needs specialty lenses rather than standard ones. Watch this session and learn when to suggest alternative lens options and how to detect keratoconus cases.

The condition is often found in patients who are unhappy with their glasses or contact lenses. Keratoconus is easy to miss in the early stages since it might not create significant problems until presbyopia comes on top.

In this panel discussion, our panellists advise when to be suspicious and what contact lenses to prescribe:

  • Daddi Fadel, Optometrist, specialist in specialty contact lenses, Italy
  • Eef van der Worp, Optometrist and owner of research & education consultancy the NetherLENS Eye-Contact-Lens, The Netherlands
  • Anne Norvik Jervell, Optometrist at KLARERE/Ses Optikk in Oslo, Norway
  • Philip Morgan (moderator), Head of Optometry at The University of Manchester, UK

This session took place live on 6 October 2022, during Clinical Conference. 

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