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AMD, nutrition and the use in optometry practice

Øygunn Aass Utheim & Svein Tindlund

In this discussion, ophthalmologist Øygunn Aass Utheim and optometrist Svein Tindlund continue from the talk with ophthalmologist Marko Lukic about the role of AREDS studies in care of patients with dry AMD.

Øygunn and Svein specifically discuss the use of nutritional supplements with AMD patients and what optometrists need to be aware of when advising supplements – e.g. risk factors and side effects.

About Øygunn Aass Utheim
Øygunn Aass Utheim has a PhD in dry eye and stem cells on the surface of the eye. She completed her medical studies in Oslo in 2001, and did her education to become an ophthalmologist at the eye departments of Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen and Oslo University Hospital. Before she started working at the Øyehelseklinikken (Eye health clinic in Oslo), where she currently works, she worked as a senior physician on medical retina at Oslo University Hospital.