The role of AREDS in care of patients with dry AMD

Marko Lukic

Dr Marko Lukic tells you about ARED Studies (AREDS = Age-Related Eye Disease Studies), which proved that different formulations of supplements may be beneficial for AMD patients and slow down the progression from intermediate to advanced AMD and the progression of vision loss.

Both the ARED1 and ARED2 studies are seen as the ‘gold standard’ in AMD studies as it was so extensive and covered research data of 9,000 patients.

In the first part of this video, Marko will take you through both studies, how they were conducted, and the study outcomes. After that, Svein Tindlund and Marko will further discuss the research, as well as the important role optometrists play in advising AMD patients about their lifestyle and the use of these specific AREDS supplements.