Glaucoma detection and OCT in optometry

Glaucoma detection and OCT in optometry

Ben Ashby

In this masterclass, Ben Ashby tells you the story of how Specsavers Australia and New Zealand was the first to start screening eyes using OCT as part of their large-scaled standard eye exams. He presents their findings, some of their key learnings, and what it meant for Specsavers in Australia and New Zealand detection rates, referrals and quality outcomes. From this session, you’ll gain insight into how OCT impacts the clinical journey, learning and development needs in-store, and what the patient outcomes might be. 

There’s plenty of other content on OCT on Viewpoint, as well as a handbook on glaucoma detection and an interview with glaucoma expert Miriam Kolko on how to inform patients. 

This session took place live on 5 October 2021, during Clinical Conference. 

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